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Bracelet Baren

Bracelet Baren - White
On Sale
Bracelet in soft silicone and in a wide range of colors. With matching color aluminum plate for pad printing.

Bracelet Hirion

Bracelet Hirion - White
Original zipper bracelet in varied colors and cheerful design. With handle and closure in matching color.

Bracelet Quilex

Bracelet Quilex - White
Adjustable leather bracelet with polyester threads in cheerful colorful finish. Adjustable closure with reinforced thread. Adjustable

Bracelet Karim

Bracelet Karim - Black
On Sale
Adjustable leather bracelet in bicolor design and brightly tones. Adjustable closure with reinforced thread and matching color stone for printing. Adjustable

Bracelet Many

Bracelet Many - Silver
Elegant PU leather bracelet with brightly colored inlays. With adjustable button closure.

Bracelet Dala

Bracelet Dala - White
Elegant, adjustable, crystal pearl bracelet. Available in white and grey. Adjustable

Necklace Fiyil

Necklace Fiyil - White
Necklace by Swarovski with triple chain and crystal pendant in shiny tones.

Bracelet Cotla

Bracelet Cotla - White
Adjustable bracelet by Swarovski with crystals in a wide range of tones. Presented in an individual bag. Adjustable

Bracelet Diliap

Bracelet Diliap - Silver
Elegant, adjustable, crystal pearl bracelet in gold and silver colors. Adjustable

Bracelet Mendol

Bracelet Mendol - White
Adjustable bracelet in soft polyester and in a wide range of colors. With bright silver color adjustment accessory. Adjustable

Bracelet Luson

Bracelet Luson
On Sale
Adjustable PU leather bracelet with 5 multicolored ribbons, especially designed for pad printing. Adjustable

Earrings Moss

Earrings Moss
Earrings by Antonio MirĂ³ in silver plated zinc alloy. Presented in an individual bag.
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