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Klip reflector light

Klip reflector light - Solid black / White
Reflector light with coloured back clip and 2 light settings, steady white or blinking red. On/off power button on the side. Batteries included. ABS Plastic.

Rideo red reflector light

Rideo red reflector light - White / Solid Black
On Sale
Outdoor safety light with on/off power switch providing steady and blinking light mode. Includes a hook & loop strap for easy attachment to bike or bag. Batteries included. Plastic.

Bezou light-up key light

Bezou light-up key light - Red / Silver
On Sale
Single white LED light with push button power control at the back. Ideal to engrave, as your logo will pop up when pulling out the barrel. Metal split key ring. Batteries included. Aluminium, ABS Plastic.

Merga LED key light with glow strap

Merga LED key light with glow strap - Orange
Single white LED key light with matching colour glow-in-the-dark silicone strap and twist-action on/off power switch. Batteries included. Aluminium.

Vela 6-LED torch with glow strap

Vela 6-LED torch with glow strap
6 white LED torch with matching colour glow-in-the-dark silicone strap and on/off power button at the back. Batteries included. Aluminium.

Pull light-up logo keylight

Pull light-up logo keylight - Silver
Light-up your logo with this on-trend key light. The 1 LED light bulb works on 3x LR41 batteries and produces 3 lumens. A large logo decoration area together with laser engraving will light-up your logo for immediate effect. ABS Plastic.

Ranger pocket knife

Ranger pocket knife - Silver
On Sale
Pocket knife with blade, scissors, corkscrew, bottle opener, Philips screwdriver, nail file, cap lifter with crate opener and flat screwdriver. Including mini metal split key ring. Aluminium.

Tycoon 12-function multi-tool

Tycoon 12-function multi-tool - Grey / Solid Black
On Sale
12 function fold out multi-tool containing 3 sizes of Philips-head, 2 sizes of flat head and 2 sizes of hex key screwdriver heads in carbon steel with chrome finish. Includes coloured adapter with 4 size sockets and matching colour carabiner that is not intended for climbing. Aluminium.
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