School Accessories

Mindy 8-piece pencil case set

Mindy 8-piece pencil case set - White
PVC pencil case with 2 ballpoint pens (1 with black ink, the other with blue), 2 pencils, a ruler, a sharpener and an eraser. ABS Plastic, AS Plastic, PS Plastic.

Julia 9-piece school geometry set

Julia 9-piece school geometry set - Transparent Clear
9-piece school geometry set in box featuring a compass, eraser, sharpener, pencil, mechanical pencil, 10 mines (0.5), a ruler, a set square and a protractor. Plastic.

Fabien frost pencil case

Fabien frost pencil case - Transparent / Blue
The Frost pencil case offers fantastic value formoney and a good sized branding area for your logo.Made from translucent colour PVC, it has a matchingcoloured zip. PVC.

Multipurpose Bag Luba

Multipurpose Bag Luba - Black
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Multi purpose bag in an original design with resistant body in brightly colored nylon. Main compartment with matching color zipper and carrying keychain.

Set Delia

Set Delia - White
Set of 5 pieces in bright tones. Includes 2 black mine pencils with cylindrical body, eraser and pencil sharpener. Presented in a ruler box with compartments. 5 Pieces

Multipurpose Bag Bellagios

Multipurpose Bag Bellagios - Silver
Interactive sequin multi purpose bag in eye-catching metallic colors. When sliding your finger on the surface, its color changes. With inner lining in black color and a useful puller for easy opening. With Inner Lining

Pencil Case Kinsy

Pencil Case Kinsy
Nature line case in 100% cotton material. In natural color, with a classic cylindrical design, matching color zipper and handy side handles for an easy opening.

Pencil Case Skinga

Pencil Case Skinga
White non-woven case especially designed for coloring with crayons. Includes 5 cylindrical body crayons in varied colors. With black zipper closure. 5 Crayons Included

Multipurpose Bag Nabel

Multipurpose Bag Nabel
Multi purpose bag by hello Kitty in resistant 600D polyester with the brand´s kitten design. With zipper closure and matching color handle.
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