Pen Holders

Artemis organiser

Artemis organiser - Natural
The perfect desk accessory to store your writing and stationery items. Includes 25 large yellow sheets and 50 sheets per small brightly colored sticky note. Paper.

Shine 4-in-1 USB desk hub

Shine 4-in-1 USB desk hub
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A 4 port USB 2.0 hub which doubles up as a desk tidy for your pens, scissors and desk accessories. The hub has an integrated cable. To light up the hub, connect it to a power source and press the button. Slide on the bottom is to hold different sizes of phones. Compatible with any USB device. ABS Plastic. O10 light-up pencil box charger O10 light-up pencil box charger
Pencil storage box with two USB 1.0 A outputs (no data transfer). When the pencil box is connected to the power, the LED logo lights up. Delivered with a micro USB charging cable and a gift box with magnetic closure, made out of recycled paper. Rubber.

Pencil Holder Organic

Pencil Holder Organic - Grey
Pencil holder with wheels in the shape of a container in varied colors and with cover.

Pencil Holder Tipel

Pencil Holder Tipel - Silver
Metal mesh pencil holder in bright finish and bright tones. Presented in an individual box.

Pencil Holder Plumi

Pencil Holder Plumi - Red
Pencil holder in natural wood in cheerful designs of animals. Pencils not included.

USB Hub Pencil Holder Belind

USB Hub Pencil Holder Belind
Bold pen holder with integrated USB port. LED backlighted, with 2 lighting positions and body in an elegant white color for easy printing. Including 4 USB 2.0 ports. Presented in an individual box. 4 Leds. 2 Light Modes. 4 Hubs. USB 2.0

Multifunction Pencil Holder Dowex

Multifunction Pencil Holder Dowex
4 in 1 nature line multifunction pen holder. Manufactured in wheat straw, to encourage the use of natural raw materials and reducing contaminant emissions. With pen holder, smartphone holder, wireless charger and USB port (3xUSB 2.0) functions. Compatible with smartphones equipped with wireless charging technology. Including 1 meter long , white color micro USB cable. Presented in an attractive eco-design box. Instruction manual available in Spanish and English. Wireless. 3 Hubs. USB 2.0. Cable Included
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