Office Accessories

Mindy 8-piece pencil case set

Mindy 8-piece pencil case set - White
PVC pencil case with 2 ballpoint pens (1 with black ink, the other with blue), 2 pencils, a ruler, a sharpener and an eraser. ABS Plastic, AS Plastic, PS Plastic.

Ruly ruler 30 cm

Ruly ruler 30 cm - White
Solid plastic rulers with both markings in inches and centimetres. ABS Plastic.

Julia 9-piece school geometry set

Julia 9-piece school geometry set - Transparent Clear
9-piece school geometry set in box featuring a compass, eraser, sharpener, pencil, mechanical pencil, 10 mines (0.5), a ruler, a set square and a protractor. Plastic.

Waxed seal letter set

Waxed seal letter set
On Sale
Letter sealing set with red sealing wax. Copper press shaped as a star. Comes in an individual giftbox. Wood, Copper.
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