Luggage Tags, Belts & Locks

Taggy luggage tag

Taggy luggage tag - White
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Taggy luggage tag. Flip-open identification tag with rubber cord. Inside contains ID label. ABS Plastic. ABS Plastic.

Tripz luggage tag

Tripz luggage tag
On Sale
Tripz luggage tag. Travel identification tag with matching elastic closure and matching elastic band. Inside ID card provides name, address, phone and email. Leatherette paper. Leatherette paper.

Silicone luggage tag

Silicone luggage tag - White
Travel identification tag with matching silicone closure. Inside ID card provides name, address, phone, country and email. Silicone Plastic.

Saul suitcase strap

Saul suitcase strap - White
Heavy duty luggage strap with secure buckle closure. The belt can be adjusted to any length between 90cm and 180cm. PP Plastic.

Phoenix TSA luggage tag and lock

Phoenix TSA luggage tag and lock
Personalise belongings while keeping them safe with this 2-in-1 Luggage combination lock and tag. TSA-compliant 3 digit lock and integrated label for identifying personal information. ABS Plastic.

Kingsford TSA luggage lock

Kingsford TSA luggage lock
Protect your luggage while traveling with this TSA approved 3 digit lock. If the TSA needs to check your luggage in your absence, they can open it using their own master key, without breaking the lock. ABS Plastic, Metal. T10 fingerprint padlock T10 fingerprint padlock
Padlock with a state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor that can store up to 10 different fingerprints. The lock can be used up to 1000 times before it needs to be recharged. USB input / output: 5V - 100 mA / 3.7 V - 150 μA. Size: 28 x 60 x 15 mm. Charging time: 3 hours. Comes with a gift box with magnetic closure, made out of recycled paper. Zinc alloy.
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