Car Mobile Holders

Grip car phone holder

Grip car phone holder - Solid Black
Phone holder that fits into the dashboard air vent in a car, and keeps a mobile phone in a convenient and secure position. Compatible with all phones. It has 360 degree rotation with a bilateral opening. ABS Plastic.

Chariot magnetic phone mount

Chariot magnetic phone mount - Solid Black
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The Chariot phone mount with 3-in-1 cable is a magnetic phone holder that easily and securely holds a phone in a car. The mount has a built-in magnet and clips to the air vent. The metal plate sticks to the back of the phone via the included adhesive to make the phone magnetically connect to the mount. Features a retractable 3-in-1 cable. The cable has a USB type-C tip and a 2-in-1 dual compatible tip for both Apple® iOS and Android devices. PP Plastic.

Mount-up magnetic smartphone stand

Mount-up magnetic smartphone stand
This magnet phone holder is functional for use in your car. It holds your phone securely while driving. The holder consists of 2 parts: a metal plate and a phone holder. The phone holder features 4 built-in magnets and can be easily plugged into the air vent of your car. The metal plate can be attached to the back of your smartphone or your phone cover. The size of the metal plate is 6.5 x 4.5cm. ABS Plastic, Silicone Plastic.

Royce rotatable magnetic smartphone mount

Royce rotatable magnetic smartphone mount
This small universal magnetic car phone mount ensure to hold your phone securely while driving. It is designed to keep your device safe from falling, and has been tested to ensure that car phone mount's magnetic pull doesn't harm your electronics at all. It produces an intensive force of attraction that will hold any smart phone strongly. The 360-degree rotatable mount allows you to adjust the phone to your most comfortable angles. Supplied in a white Avenue gift box. Aluminium.

Prim detachable wireless phone mount

Prim detachable wireless phone mount
The Prim detachable wireless phone mount includes a detachable wireless charging pad, that can be attached to a car vent. The micro charging cable connects via USB port to provide power, and once the phone is clipped in place, charging starts automatically. ABS Plastic. V35 light-up autogrip car charger V35 light-up autogrip car charger
Light-up logo car charger with autogrip function. It opens and closes automatically when the mobile phone is detected by an infrared sensor. Includes a 3-in-1 cable (Type C, Android, iPhone), for devices without wireless charging capability. Input: 5V/2A, 9V/1.67A. Output: 5V/1.5A, 9V/1.2A. Wireless output: 10 W. Size: 118.5 x 64.5 x 45.75 mm. Comes with a gift box with magnetic closure, made out of recycled paper. Rubber.

Air Freshener Holder Rafum

Air Freshener Holder Rafum - White
Folding holder for smartphone with fixing system for car ventilation grille and built-in lemon scent air freshener. Smooth white finish and especially designed for pad printing. Lemon Aroma. Sticky Surface

Holder Lietor

Holder Lietor - Silver
Smartphone holder with minimalist design and especially designed for XXL size smartphones. With universal fixing system, activated by the weight of the phone itself, adjusting the side grips once the device is placed into the holder. For car ventilation grille and with front side especially designed for pad printing. Adjustable

Holder Hanirus

Holder Hanirus - White
Original smartphone holder with double telescopic fixing system for car ventilation grille. In a stylish bicolor design, it incorporates a system of pads in the stand that provides optimum fit and protection for your smartphone. Matching color front pad especially designed for pad printing. Adjustable

Holder Osorix

Holder Osorix - Grey
Original support for mobile devices up to 10 inches. For attachment to the car headrest bar. In a wide range of tones, 360┬║ rotation, and with non-slip rubber pads. Adjustable

Holder Kruzol

Holder Kruzol - Silver
Magnetic holder for smartphone with minimalist design and elegant black aluminum finish combined with eye catching metallic colors. With telescopic fixing system for car ventilation grille and adhesive accessory for smartphone. Presented in an attractive design box. Adhesive and Magnetic
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